Wheel Alignment Per Vehicle

Wheel Alignment Per Vehicle

R300.00 x

Wheel Alignment

  • Ensures extended tyre life, fuel savings, and a steering wheel that is straight.
  • By adjusting the Camber, Caster and Toe settings on the suspension, a comfortable drive is achieved.
  • Assists in eliminating a vehicle "pulling" to one side(tracking straight).

Wheel Balancing

  • Enjoy smooth driving while extending your tyre life and saving fuel.
  • Each wheel is washed prior to wheel balancing to ensure perfect wheel balancing.
  • We use Top of the Range American equipment to guarantee a superior result.

Nitrogen Inflation

  • Extends tyre life because it reduces the running temperature of the tyre.
  • It further assists in extending tyre life as pressure is maintained better during the life of the tyre as compared to regular air inflation.
  • Extends the life of the rubber inside your tyres.