About Fundi Tyres

  • Fundi tyres is your brand new online store to buy your tyres.

    In the recent past, you had to phone 3 or 4 different shops, hold on the line for ever to get to a sales person. And then wait again for that sales person to get back to you!

    This is a very tedious and time consuming exercise.

    The future is now! From the convenience of your home (or office) you can simply logon to our website, browse for any brand at any prices that you can possibly dream of. It is so easy to compare the different products that are available!

    It is safe, secure, comprehensive and provides you with the ultimate convenience.

    Don’t know your tyre size?

    No problem. We have engineered the world’s best tyre finder. We will match the correct tyres for your vehicle, and make a recommendation out of our stock.

    Refine your search easily by filtering on price or brand.  If we don’t have it, we can find it!

    We deliver nationwide at a very reasonable fee.

    Do you need tyres? Ask the Fundi!

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    F (0866) 705 421