Annaite Tyres

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  1. 165/60R14 Annaite AN600 75H
  2. 165/70R14 Annaite AN600 81T
  3. 165/65R14 Annaite AN600 79T
  4. 185/70R14 Annaite An600 88H
  5. 185/65R15 Dannaite AN600 88H
  6. 195/50R16 Annaite AN600 88V
  7. 195/55R16 Annaite AN600 91V
  8. 215/45R17 Annaite AN606 91W
  9. 245/40R18 Annaite AN606 84W
  10. 225/60R17 Annaite AN616 99H
  11. 265/60R18 Annaite AN906 110T
  12. 155/65R13 Annaite AN600 79T
  13. 155/65R14 Annaite AN600 79T
  14. 155/65R13 Annaite AN600 73S
  15. 155/65R14 Annaite AN600 75S
  16. 165/65R13 Annaite AN600 77T
  17. 155/70R13 Annaite AN600 75T
  18. 155/80R13 Annaite AN600 79T
  19. 165/70R13 Annaite AN600 79T
  20. 175/65R14 Annaite AN600 82T
  21. 175/65R14 Annait An600 79T
  22. 175/70R13 Annaite AN600 82T
  23. 165/80R13 Annaite AN600 79T
  24. 155R13 Annaite AN900 90/88Q
  25. 175/60R15 Annaite AN600 84H
  26. 175/65R14 Annaite An600 82H
  27. 165/80R13 Annaite AN600 83T
  28. 175/60R13 Annaite AN600 77H
  29. 175/70R14 Annaite AN600 84T
  30. 185/65R14 Annaite AN600 86T
  31. 185/55R15 Annaite AN600 82T
  32. 175/65R15 Annaite AN600 84H
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Annaite Tyres emerge as a beacon of road resilience, offering unparalleled solutions for trucks and buses. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and superior materials, Annaite Tyres stand tall in the following aspects:

  1. Exceptional Mileage and Durability:

    • These tires are built to go the distance. With a focus on longevity, Annaite Tyres deliver exceptional mileage, ensuring fewer replacements and cost savings.
    • Whether you’re navigating highways or rugged terrains, their durability remains unmatched.
  2. Advanced Technology and Materials:

    • Annaite Tyres incorporate the latest advancements in tire engineering. From tread compounds to sidewall construction, every detail is optimized for performance.
    • Superior materials enhance grip, reduce wear, and provide stability even under heavy loads.
  3. Cost-Efficiency Without Compromise:

    • Investing in Annaite Tyres means getting the best of both worlds: top-tier performance and cost-effectiveness.
    • These tires offer reliability without breaking the bank, making them a smart choice for fleet managers and individual drivers alike.
  4. Versatility Across Road Conditions:

    • Whether you’re on well-paved highways or tackling mixed surfaces, Annaite Tyres adapt seamlessly.
    • Their robust design ensures confidence in wet, dry, or challenging environments.
  5. A Legacy of Excellence:

    • Founded in 1986, Annaite Tyres integrates research, production, and sales. Their domestic and international acclaim stems from a commitment to quality.
    • With advanced tooling and testing equipment, they continue to set industry standards.