Atlas Tyres

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  1. 225/50R17 Atlas AM520 RunFlat 94W
  2. 165/65R13 Atlas Green 77 T
  3. 175/65R14 Atlas Force HP (TH) 82H
  4. 185/60R14 Atlas Green  82H
  5. 175/70R14 Atlas Green-Max 84T
  6. 185/65R14 Atlas Land Sport  86H
  7. 185/60R15 Atlas Force HP (TH) 84H
  8. 185/70R14 Atlas Crosswind  88T
  9. 195/50R15 Atlas Force HP 82H
  10. 185/65R15 Atlas Force HP 88H
  11. 195/55R15 Atlas Green  85V
  12. 195/60R15 Atlas Green 88H
  13. 195/60R15 Atlas Green 88 V
  14. 195/65R15 Atlas Green 91H
  15. 195/55R16 Atlas Force HP 87V
  16. 205/55R16 Atlas Sport Green 91 W
  17. 205/40R17 Atlas Force UHP (TH) 84W
  18. 195/50R16 Atlas Force HP 84V
  19. 205/55R16 Atlas Force HP (TH) 91V
  20. 205/60R16 Atlas Force HP 92V
  21. 205/50R17 Atlas Sport Green 93 W
  22. 205/50R17 Atlas Force UHP (TH) 93W
  23. 195R14 Atlas R772 WSW 106/104P
  24. 225/45R17 Atlas Sport Green 94 W
  25. 205/45R17 Atlas Force UHP  88W
  26. 225/45R17 Atlas Force UHP 94W
  27. 215/45R17 Atlas Sport Green 91 W
  28. 215/45R17 Atlas Force UHP (TH) 91W
  29. 215/65R16 Atlas Force HP 98H
  30. 225/60R16 Atlas Green 102 V
  31. 205/75R14 Atlas R772 WSW 109/107S
  32. 235/40R18 Atlas Force UHP 95Y
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Atlas Tires have a rich history and a strong presence in the tire industry. Let’s explore some key aspects of this brand:

American Roots:
Exclusive Distribution: Since the mid-1930s, Atlas Tires have been exclusively distributed by Standard Oil throughout the United States.
Deep American Roots: The brand has deep American roots and is synonymous with quality, endurance, and dependability.
Cutting-Edge Technology:
Ultra-Modern Patterns: Atlas offers ultra-modern tire patterns designed for various segments, including passenger, light truck, and commercial truck tires.
Quality Assurance: These tires are manufactured by one of the largest tire makers globally, adhering to strict quality standards such as US DOT, European ECE, and CCC Certification.
Designed by Experts:
Tier-1 Engineers: Atlas Tires are designed, owned, and audited by former tier-1 tire engineers.
Balanced Footprint: They use their own compound formula, resulting in longer tread life and a balanced footprint for even wear.
Rigorous Testing Standards:
Compliance: All Atlas Tires strictly comply with U.S.A. D.O.T. specifications.
Manufactured under quality standards like QS9000, VDA6.1, GB/T19001, ISO9001, and TS16949.
Full Line of Tires:
Extensive Size Range: Atlas covers a wide range of sizes in the passenger, light truck, and truck segments.
Competitive Advantage: Supply the same brand name in PCR, LT, and TBR tires.
Anticipating Market Needs:
Progressive Thinking: Atlas constantly evolves, developing new patterns and sizes to serve diverse markets.
Their offering combines modern patterns with forward-thinking design.
As an enduring iconic American brand, Atlas Tires continue to ride on U.S.A. roads, delivering quality and performance since 1935.