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  1. 175/65R14 Falken SN832i Sincera EcoRun 82T
  2. 185/60R15 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun 84H
  3. 195/50R15 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun 82V
  4. 205/45R16 Falken ZE310R EcoRun (XL) 87W
  5. 195/55R16 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun (XL) 91V
  6. 225/45R17 Falken ZE914 Ziex EcoRun RunFlat 91W
  7. 175/70R13 Falken SN832i Sincera EcoRun 82T
  8. 185/65R14 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun 86H
  9. 165/60R14 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun 75H
  10. 175/70R14 Falken SN832I Sincera EcoRun 84T
  11. 185/70R14 Falken Sincera SN832I 88T
  12. 185/65R15 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun 88H
  13. 115/70R14 Falken Fk090 88M
  14. 195/60R15 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun 88H
  15. 195/55R15 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun 85V
  16. 125/70R15 Falken FK090 95M
  17. 195/70R14 Falken SN832I Sincera EcoRun 91H
  18. 185/55R15 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun (XL) 86V
  19. 195/65R15 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun 91H
  20. 205/65R15 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun 94V
  21. 205/60R15 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun 91H
  22. 165/65R14 Falken SN832i Sincera EcoRun 79T
  23. 195/60R16 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun 89V
  24. 205/55R16 Falken ZE310 EcoRun 91V
  25. 205/55R16 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun (XL) 94W
  26. 205/40R17 Falken ZE914 Ziex EcoRun (XL) 84W
  27. 195/40R17 Falken ZE914 Ziex EcoRun (XL) 81W
  28. 195/45R15 Falken ZE914 Ziex EcoRun 78V
  29. 175/65R15 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun 84H
  30. 225/45R17 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun (XL) 94W
  31. 175/50R15 Falken ZE914 Ziex EcoRun 75H
  32. 205/45R17 Falken Ze310R Ziex EcoRun (XL) 88W
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Celebrate Three Decades of Innovation with Falken Tires on Fundi Tyres
Find Your Perfect Match with Fundi Tyres - Where Choice Meets Convenience
Fundi Tyres is your premier destination for exploring and purchasing Falken Tires. We understand the legacy of innovation and performance that Falken brings to the road, which is why we've created an unmatched online shopping experience for tire buyers who demand the best.
From the racetracks of Japan to the highways of the world, Falken Tires brings over 30 years of innovation, quality, and high-performance tire technology to your vehicle. Born from the high standards of Ohtsu Tire and Rubber, Falken emerged as a leader in Ultra High Performance (UHP) tires, proving their excellence on the motorsports stage before taking to the streets worldwide.
Every Falken tire embodies our unyielding drive for superiority and our commitment to advancing tire performance through rigorous competition. With a proud history marked by perseverance and triumph, Falken Tires offers you not just a tire but a promise of durability, reliability, and unparalleled performance.
Ease of navigation: Our platform simplifies finding the perfect Falken tire for your needs, making it as seamless as your drive on Falken tyres.
Informed choices: With extensive product details, customer reviews, and expert recommendations, Fundi Tyres ensures that you're equipped with all the information to make the right choice.
Commitment to customer satisfaction: Our support doesn't end at purchase. Fundi Tyres stands by you with exceptional after-sales service, embodying the same quality and reliability that Falken Tires are known for.