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    Benefits of Wheel Alignment

    Extend Tyre Life 
    Save Fuel 
    Straight Steering 
    Driving COmfort 


  • Signs that you need Wheel Alignment

    Your vehicle is pulling to one side

    Uneven or rapid tyre wear

    Tyres that are squealing

    The handling feels loose when driving

    Your steering wheel does not return to center

    Vibration on the steering wheel

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  • Common Questions and Answers

    Do i need wheel alignment with new tyres? 

    In many cases the alignment is out and causing tyre damage, even when the car is driving perfectly straight. Protect your brand new tyres against rapid wear by doing wheel alignment when you fit new tyres and every 5,000 to 10,000 km after.

    What can cause wheel alignement problems?

    Badly maintained roads, potholes, curbs and other road hazards disrupts your vehicle's wheel alignment settings. This in turn causes poor handling and rapid tyre wear.

    How often should I do wheel alignment?

    In perfect road conditions, wheel alignment should be done every 10,000km. If the roads you drive on are uneven or poorly maintained, it may be necessary to redo your wheel alignment every 5,000 km to protect your tyres from uneven wear.

    Can my car pull if my wheel alignment is in spec?

    Unfortunately, yes... Other factors such as tyre conocity, buckled wheels, uneven tyre pressure and worn suspension parts can cause your vehicle to pull to one side, even if the wheel alignment is in specification.