• Health and Safety in a Tyre Workshop

    We take great care in creating a safe and healthy environment for you during tyre changing, brakes, shocks, batteries and suspension repairs. We maintain a clean, tidy workshop and take several protective measures. Please have a look below at some of the initiatives we have taken.

    Several of the practices have been standard practice for us for several years now already.

  • Steering Wheel Wrap

    Steering Wheels Wrapped
  • Seat Covers

    Car Seat Covers
  • Hand Sanitisers

    Hand Sanitisers
  • Clean Workshop

    Clean Tyre Workshop
  • Technicians with Gloves

    Technicians wearing Gloves
  • Tool Trolleys

    Tool Trolleys
  • Clean Bathrooms

    Clean Bathrooms
  • Washing Wheels

    Washing Wheels and Rims
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