185/65R14 Sumitomo Htr H5 86H

185/65R14 Sumitomo Htr H5 86H

185 / 65 R14 86H R964.00 x Excluding Fitment or Delivery Charges
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Sumitomo HTR H5 Featues:

The Sumitomo HTR H5 seamlessly combines contemporary design with uncompromising performance, setting a new benchmark for passenger vehicle tires. Crafted by the renowned Sumitomo Rubber Industries, this tire is the quintessence of precision engineering and superior quality, designed to cater to the discerning driver who values both performance and comfort.

Key Features:

Open Tread Design enhances water displacement for safer, more reliable handling in wet conditions, reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

Split Centre Rib significantly improves steering response and handling, making every drive smooth and responsive.

Modern Tread Pattern optimized for an exceptional balance of performance and comfort, ensuring your journey is both exhilarating and comfortable.

Outstanding Benefits:

Performance: Experience unparalleled handling and stability in all conditions, with superior steering response and direct road feedback. Enjoy excellent cornering grip and braking performance for a drive that inspires confidence.

Safety: With enhanced water displacement and improved traction on wet roads, the HTR H5 provides added safety benefits, keeping you secure regardless of the weather.

Comfort: Designed for the utmost in quiet, sophisticated rides, offering high levels of comfort for everyday driving, transforming each journey into a serene experience.

Economy & Versatility: A tire that doesn’t compromise on performance for economy, suitable for a wide array of passenger vehicles, ensuring broad applicability.


Available Sizes: Including but not limited to 185/65R14 86H and 185/65R15 92H, catering to a versatile range of vehicles.

Load Index & Speed Rating: Tailored for optimal performance (e.g., 86 for 185/65R14, and 92 for 185/65R15), with an H rating (up to 210 km/h), supporting high-speed driving needs.

Ownership Experience:

The Sumitomo HTR H5 is the ultimate choice for drivers seeking a tire that effortlessly blends sophisticated comfort with high-performance capabilities, especially in challenging wet conditions. It offers the perfect solution for those demanding a tire that excels in safety, handling, and overall driving pleasure, marking it as an exemplary choice in the high-performance tire category.

Embrace the Journey with Sumitomo HTR H5 – Where Engineering Meets Artistry.

Product SKU R10515011S1
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Tyre Brand Sumitomo
Use Brand Logo? Yes
Tyre Width 185
Tyre Profile 65
Rim Size 14 It is the diameter of the tyre's inner rim in inches.
Load Index 86 The load index corrolates to the maximum amount of weight the tire can carry.
Tyre SI H This indicates the maximum speed for the actual tyre at full load.

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