Toledo Tyres

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  1. 155/65R14 Toledo TL1000 75T
  2. 195/70R14 Toledo TL1000 91H
  3. 185/75R16 Toledo TL5000 104/102R
  4. 205/65R15 Toledo TL1000 94V
  5. 185/80R14 Toledo TL5000 102/100Q
  6. 275/70R16 Toledo TL3000 114H
  7. 265/65R17 Toledo TL3000 112H
  8. 235/45R17 Toledo TL1000 XL 97W
  9. 205/50R16 Toledo TL1000 87W
  10. 215/75R16 Toledo TL5000 113/111R
  11. 195/80R14 Toledo TL5000 106/104Q
  12. 195/65R16 Toledo TL5000 104/102R
  13. 265/60R18 Toledo TL3000 110V
  14. 255/35R20 Toledo TL1000 XL 97W
  15. 225/60R16 Toledo TL1000 98H
  16. 225/55R16 Toledo TL1000 XL 99V
  17. 215/55R17 Toledo TL1000 XL 98W
  18. 205/60R15 Toledo TL1000 91V
  19. 205/50R17 Toledo TL1000 XL 93W
  20. 165/70R13 Toledo TL1000 79T
  21. 265/70R16 Toledo TL3000 112H
  22. 255/70R16 Toledo TL3000 111T
  23. 255/65R17 Toledo TL3000 110H
  24. 225/75R15 Toledo TL3000 102H
  25. 225/70R15 Toledo TL3000 100H
  26. 215/75R15 Toledo TL3000 100H
  27. 215/60R17 Toledo TL3000 96H
  28. 225/50R16 Toledo TL1000 XL 96W
  29. 195/60R16 Toledo TL1000 89H
  30. 205/70R15 Toledo TL5000 106/104R
  31. 195/80R15 Toledo TL5000 106/104Q
  32. 215/70R16 Toledo TL3000 100H
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Toledo Tyres are manufactured by SD International, a leading manufacturer established in 2002 in Shanghai. They focus on manufacturing affordable tyres with cutting edge processes and materials.

Toledo Tyres are available in • Car Tyres • Commercial Tyres • SUV Tyres • 4x4 Tyres.All products are certified to various industry standards including DOT, ECE, Inmetro, GCC to name just a few.

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