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    Nails or cuts?  We can repair you tyre professionally for you.

    In a hurry? We can do a quick repair for you.

    Serious about safety? Insist on a mushroom plug repair (from the inside of the tyre) to get a long lasting repair.

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  • Can my tyre be repaired?

    The image below shows the repairable areas of a tyre.

    Reapirable area of a tyre

    Other guidelines for tyre repairs

    If the angle of penetration is more than 45 degrees a repair is not advised. The construction of the belt on those cases may separate, leading to a tyre failure.

    Holes more than  3mm in diameter should not be repaired.

    In most cases cuts are not repairable as the belts of the tyre separate and may lead to a blow out.

    Damage on the shoulder area and on the side are not safely repairable.