195R14 Windforce T/Max (WSW) 106/104R

195R14 Windforce T/Max (WSW) 106/104R

195 / R R14 106/104R R1,341.00 x Excluding Fitment or Delivery Charges
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R0.00 Nitrogen = R27.5 per tyre
Valves = R15 per tyre
Balancing = R50 per tyre
Alignment = R300 all-round
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Windforce T/Max Features

Three main zigzag grooves:

•Combined with lateral blocks to provide excellent ride stability and great traction on all road surfaces.


Continuous tread patterns:
•Combined with solid shoulder ribs, provides responsive handling and even tread wear.
•More miles for your money!


Variable pitch patterns:
•Combines with multi-knife-cit tread pattern, reduces vibration to offer a comfortable quiet ride.
•Shhhh.... Can you hear it?


Reinforced structure:
•Together with a special abrasion resistant tread compound, delivers outstanding puncture resistance.
•It also increases the load bearing capacity.
•Mileage is extended signaficantly. 

Product SKU WTM1958014C
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Tyre Brand Windforce
Use Brand Logo? Yes
Tyre Width 195
Tyre Profile R
Rim Size 14 It is the diameter of the tyre's inner rim in inches.
Load Index 106/104 The load index corrolates to the maximum amount of weight the tire can carry.
Tyre SI R This indicates the maximum speed for the actual tyre at full load.

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