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225/45R17 General Altimax Sport 91Y 205/55R16 Goodyear Efficient grip 91W
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General Altimax Sport Goodyear Efficient Grip
Features: Features:
Precise steering response when and safe driving on curvy roads. Combining a lightweight structure with an advanced tread compound,
Low fuel consumption and high mileage. Fuel-saving and environmentally friendly
VAI - Visual Alignment Indicator signals incorrect alignment. EfficientGrip needs less energy to make it roll.
RTM - Replacement Tyre Monitor for greater safety. Long lasting, better braking on wet roads.
Shorter braking distances on wet roads.  
Advantages: Advantages:
In the rain the tread of the Altimax Sport quickly displaces the water from the tyre contact area. Save on petrol and leave a smaller carbon footprint with the EfficientGrip,
The rigidity and optimum stability of the tyre means the steering response is always precise. featuring FuelSaving Technology.The EfficientGrip gives you more mileage between tyre changes. 
In order to achieve both good performance in wet conditions and low rolling resistance, 
the innovative silica compound ensures low fuel consumption and high mileage.
Enjoy comfortable journeys thanks to the noise-reducing block design.
Benefits: Benefits:
Shortening the braking distance. The result is lower fuel costs – and CO2 emissions – on every journey
Safe driving even on winding roads. The result is lower fuel costs – and CO2 emissions – on every journey
This significantly extends the service life of the tyre. Its silica tread compound keeps the tyre working for longer, saving you money.
RTM technology tells the driver in good time when a tyre change is due, which increases safety. With a unique tread surface and a blade arrangement that sheds water, 
the EfficientGrip offers better wet performance
If the tread wears unevenly over the first 1,000 kilometres, 
the Visual Alignment Indicator technology (VAI) signals this to the user.
Shorter braking distances than other tyres in its class.*